angelguerra on main via v34.0.0 took 34 years

git config --list

  •Ángel Guerra
  • user.hobbies=Ninjutsu | Kick Boxing | Anime | Chess
  • user.role=Full Stack programmer
  • user.currentSkills=Javascript | React | Ruby | RubyOnRails
  • core.editor=vscode
  • remote.origin.url=@regazofotografia
  • branch.main.remote=origin
  • branch.main.forks=3

angelguerra on main via v34.0.0


## Bio

Developer based in Cantabria, currently working in Entelgy where I use mainly RubyOnRails and React as main development tools. I consider myself a restless person as far as the programming world is concerned so, almost always, I'm trying new things or tinkering with some technology that comes up.