What do I use in my day-to-day work as a developer?

Inspired by Wes Bos' uses.tech project, I'm going to post here the tools I use in my daily life as a developer.

Thanks @ardillán for telling me about the site.


On my personal laptop I have installed Manjaro rolling release, that is, with continuous development, without periodic releases. On my work laptop I have MacOS Ventura, I'm not an Apple fan but I'm not going to format the computer and put Ubuntu on it. Right? Right!? 😂

My personal projects are in GitHub and for programming I use VSCode, in the terminal I feel more or less comfortable using Vim. Speaking of the terminal, I use zsh with Starship installed on top of it.


Mainly at work I use Slack, in my day to day I use WhatsApp and Telegram, the former because I have no choice since the latter is my favorite. As an email provider I mainly use Gmail and Proton Mail, the latter because it is a more private alternative. In fact, I would like to use more "private" alternatives in all areas of the Internet.


My main browsers are Chromium and Firefox Developer Edition, I never use Safari or Edge, the first one I don't like at all and the second one I don't have Windows. On my phone I use DuckDuckGo and Chrome for Android (I use a Xiaomi).


My personal computer is a 2017 Huawei MateBook D, it has a 7th generation Intel i7 processor and a 15.6" screen, it goes fine except for a glitch with the touchpad that makes it, apparently randomly, stop working 😢. Nothing that a Trust Verto wireless mouse can't fix. When I work at home I connect it to a hp 27es monitor of, effectively, 27", I think I acquired it in 2016.