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Briefly, who am I?

Beyond the philosophical question, my name is Ángel and I was born at the beginning of the the great decade of the 90s. I am currently a developer at Entelgy where I mainly deal with custom development. I mainly work with React and Ruby, but as you will see in this resume, I have used many different tools which gives me a great versatility. As a curiosity, I'm a fan of Jamstack, and I like to be tinkering with the SSGs that are emerging.

Ruby Ruby On Rails PHP CakePHP Git GitLab CI JavaScript React Tailwind CSS Jamstack Astro

On the other hand, I like contact sports - I practice or have practiced martial arts and kick boxing -, chess - although to be honest I have abandoned it -, watching anime and spending time with my family .

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And... what am I ideally looking for?

  • Work in the backend.
  • Use modern technologies and tools.
  • A good team to be part of.
  • A good work-life balance.
  • ...and a good salary, of course 😄.

Work experience

February 2023


Entelgy. I am a technical analyst - Full-Stack developer. In a while this will be a fabulous block with what I do in the company. At the moment I've just started -or I haven't remembered to update this 😅...-.

Docker Git Ruby Ruby on Rails

July 2020 - February 2023

ITEISA. I worked as a Full-Stack developer. My main function was to perform custom developments that customers requested to the company. Therefore, in each development, I had to get involved with the client and their business, know the market to which it was addressed and the mechanics of its operation.

Being a consultancy with a multitude of clients, I also had the opportunity to make many developments of different types: scrapers, APIs, custom frontends, plugins for WordPress or PrestaShop, static pages...

In addition to this, I was also in charge of replacing the irreplaceable system administrator when he was not available, I instructed my colleagues on how to get out of vim...

11ty CakePHP Create React App Docker GatsbyJS Git GitLab CI JavaScript MySQL NextJS PHP PHPUnit React

January 2020 - July 2020

Sport2Fit. I worked as a Full-Stack developer. My main function was the maintenance and development of the company's products, made with Ruby On Rails, and the development of a number of websites with both WordPress and Jekyll and CakePHP.

The company is oriented to the world of sports and motor, I had direct contact with customers to collect and resolve questions and issues they had so I was involved in virtually the entire life cycle of projects.

CakePHP Git JavaScript Jekyll JQuery MySQL PHP phpBB PostgreSQL Ruby Ruby On Rails WordPress

April 2017 - January 2020

ITEISA. As you can see, I have worked several times in this company. In this first time my main role was the development on the server side - backend - with CakePHP, although I also did frontend work with React or Jekyll, for example.

I was mainly in charge of API development, both for customer products and internal company tools. I also made scrapers, I was in charge of the maintenance of the company's own website, made with Jekyll, and I did some R&D work, researching and testing different open source tools to see their viability and their integration capabilities with those of the company.

CakePHP Create React App Docker Git GitLab CI JavaScript Jekyll MySQL Oclif PHP React Selenium

July 2014 - March 2017

Punsset (now MotorK). This was my first job ( ) and I worked as a Full-Stack developer. I was in charge of the maintenance and development of new features of the company's products, mostly related to the world of motoring and dealerships and made with Ruby On Rails.

For a while I also performed customer support tasks, collecting and resolving customer incidents and, when I gained experience, I was also in charge of deploying changes in the products to production.

CoffeeScript Git JavaScript JQuery PostgreSQL Ruby Ruby On Rails

Academic experience

September 2013 - July 2014

Web Applications Development at Augusto González de Linares. I did my internship at ITEISA, a place that, as you can read above, years later would be my work destination. Throughout the course I was taught, above all, knowledge about PHP, Javascript and MySQL.

In the internship I developed plugins for Plesk, using its API and the development of a small application for managing bank transactions with AngularJS.

JavaScript JQuery PHP MySQL AngularJS

September 2011 - July 2013

Multiplatform Application Development at Augusto González de Linares. I did my internship at Compudata Santander. Throughout the course I was taught, above all, knowledge about JAVA and its ecosystem.

In the internship I used Delphi and what I did were different development exercises.

Java Delphi

Side projects

In addition to everything done in the company, on a personal level I have done some projects for different associations or individuals. The truth is that the easiest thing to publish are static sites thanks to incredible solutions like Netlify. Precisely for this reason, as I said above, I am a fan of Jamstack, I currently use 11ty and Astro, but I have also used GatsbyJS, Hugo or Jekyll for example.

La Buena Leche Association

Website of the La Buena Leche association, it has gone through several versions, first I made it with AngularJS to practice, later, being a page that is not updated regularly and has no backend, I transformed it to a static page generated with Jekyll and syled with Bootstrap. It also had to do with the change from AngularJS to Angular, I had to rewrite it all over again!

Bujinkan Cantabria

Website of the Bujinkan Cantabria association, it is made with 11ty as site generator and Tailwind CSS as style library. Before this there was a page made with WordPress but the person who maintained it was no longer going to do it, so I took the baton and made it my way. As a curiosity, it is very well positioned in the Eleventy Leaderboards, even being in first position.

Regazo Fotografía

Website of Regazo Fotografía, is made with Hugo as site generator and Tailwind CSS as style library. It uses Netlify for the resizing of the images and the collection of the form data. I made it with Hugo because of my eagerness to be always trying new things.

Ad: Regazo Fotografía is my wife's project, take a look.

Regazo Fotografía - Duelo Perinatal

This page is a Regazo Fotografía landing page, but oriented to perinatal bereavement. It is made with 11ty, AlpineJS for the behavior and Tailwind CSS for the styles.

Although it is not positioned as high as Bujinkan Cantabria, it also appears in the Eleventy Leaderboards with a perfect score in Lighthouse.

Other technologies adn tools

In addition to what I have commented in all the above, here I am going to post other things that at some point I have touched and/or I have used to a greater or lesser extent for concrete projects to a greater or lesser extent. With this I hope to have a small reminder of everything that I have been using and, perhaps, in some future I will use again - or not, maybe it also depends on you -.

Frontity CoffeeScript Vue Minikube Lando PrestaShop SlimPHP Bootstrap Bulma RabbitMQ ElasticSearch Bash Script Laravel Zero

More info

Outside the field of technology, I have always liked to do sports, especially those that are contact or martial arts. In fact, I have an official qualification from the FEKM in self-defense and Ninjutsu, a Japanese martial art, of which I currently hold the 4th dan by the Bujinkan. In addition to this, for many years I practiced Kick Boxing and even taught classes to adults.

Until I was 16 years old I played chess, first occasionally and then in tournaments of the Cantabrian league. It is a hobby that I would like to recover continuously, but at the moment I have parked it, although I am always open to play a game.